Terms of Use

These galaxy mock catalogs are licensed under: Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

For proper attribution, we ask:

  1. Any use must credit the LasDamas project and cite the SDSS mock galaxy paper which is currently in preparation
    McBride et al. 2011, in prep.
  2. If used in a publication, inform us about your work before submission

By downloading the mocks, you implicitly agree to these terms.

Downloading Directions

Mocks will always be available from this root directory:

Individual releases and samples are organized into sub-directories, and are easily obtained en masse using utilities such as wget or curl.

# Example wget commands 
# pull down all gamma mocks into current directory along with any .txt files
wget -r -nd -np -A 'txt,dat.gz'  http://lss.phy.vanderbilt.edu/lasdamas/mocks/gamma/
# only get 'ns' versions of gamma/main20 mocks
wget -r -nd -np -A 'ns.rdcz.dat.gz'  http://lss.phy.vanderbilt.edu/lasdamas/mocks/gamma/main20

Gamma Release (March 2009)

For details, please see the gamma release description.

Bundled tarballs are available for each of the five samples in two versions:

  1. “North + South” (denoted ‘ns’)
  2. “North Only " (denoted ‘no’)

Some random catalogs that use the same footprint are at: